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The Community is Our Canvas
The Bay View Arts Guild is bigger than Bay View's a dynamic group of artists living and creating throughout the metro Milwaukee area. Members from many creative disciplines share ideas and inspiration through demonstrations, lectures, community involvement, art shows and other social activities. Watch for our ArT MiX events ~ Visitors always welcome.

ArT MiX events
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The South Shore Frolics Festival of Arts will take place on July 13, 2014. Applications now open!

BVAG ArT MiX events can happen anytime, anywhere.  Anyone can instigate an ArT MiX - do you know about a fun or interesting art project, demo, workshop, tour, or speaker? Tell us when and where and we'll probably be there. Guests welcome ~ get involved!

Apr 14, Spring Social ArT MiX, 6:30 - 8:30pm
Down & Over Pub 2535 S KK (at Otjen)
burrito bar and cheap artist drinks
ArT MiX events...stay tuned.
No need to live in Bay View
Open to everyone
Riverwalk photo group
Milwaukee River walk
Jan Massie
A Brush With Wine - sample
Square One Art Glass workshop
Bobrowitz sculpture
Bobrowitz sculpture
Paul Bobrowitz