Online Poker Tells

One of the key for online poker 3win2u success is to be able to spot and exploit online poker malaysia casino tells.

This is a true online poker skill, as most players are somehow aware of these strong clues betraying their opponents’ hand strength. but few players succeed in really making it a strategy to use this information systematically.

The main online poker tells are as follow. These are regular tells used by average players, and you will see a lot of them at most online poker rooms such as PokerStars. But skilled players know how to conceal their tells and use them deceptively.

The quick check shows strength, while a delayed check tend to indicate some weakness. Basically a player who does not check immediately wants to pretend that he is thinking if he should bet or not, implying that he has a somehow strong hand, when in reality he has a weak hand. Conversely the player who seeks to trap with a strong hand will check fast to pretend to have a weak hand.

Another online poker tell is the delayed bet which normally corresponds with strength. If a player has a very strong hand, he does not want to bet instantly, as this usually means a monster and his wise opponents will fold. But he does not want to check either, and this is the way to go: bet your strong hands. So he bets but pretends to think about it, representing a hand somehow strong but not that strong, and hoping to get one caller with a medium strength hand.

This is why this next tell is kind of the opposite of the previous one: the quick bet may represent weakness. Here a distinction is in order. The total newbie will make a fast bet with strong hands. But the somehow tricky player with a tendency for loose play and some bluffing will make a quick bet when he has a weak hand in order to discourage callers. So know who you are playing against before you make a judgment.

Finally and this is one of the strongest online poker tells, the insta-call shows a lot of strength (in online poker lingo, “insta” means instantaneous). Strength because the caller knew and was ready to act given his strong hand; but he knew that he would not raise given that he hopes to increase the pot at the next street (with another call or a raise this time).

Use these online poker tells wisely and you bankroll will rise.

Online Poker Is Tough

For some people, online poker seems easy. For other people, it seems hard. Where do you belong?

When I started to play online poker, I found it hard to be profitable. Then I studied the game more, I read more and I tried to discover why I was losing in order to remedy that.

If you are losing at online poker but would like to win, one key thought that can help you dramatically is the following. All players are human beings, and intelligence is not the main reason to lose or win. The main reason is our psychological tendencies. So if we have leaks, and we correct them, then we will improve our results.

Online poker is a lot about automatic actions and the first step it to at least play correctly and avoid obvious “mistakes”. If some players can be profitable, so why not you?

After a few months of playing online poker, I noticed that I had a tendency not to fold when facing huge bets in an already large pot. Somehow I was in denial, wondering and doubting why my opponent would be making such large bets is he really had such a great hand. It turned out that often he had a great hand. My inability to fold in big pot led to big lost pots, and this is probably why I was a losing player while I could have been a winning player otherwise.

I learned to fold. I learned to almost never feel committed whatever the amount of chips already in the pot. Feeling committed is a leak as it leads to adding to your loss. I learned to focus on who was the player making the big bets, and depending on my profiling of him, I would decide to fold or not. For example it was quite obvious when a solid shark-rock type player was attacking the pot aggressively that he had a monster hand, so why feed his children?

Another important element is to not turn out to become predictable. If you start to systematically fold against large bets, then some observant players will notice and use that against you and bluff you. So mixing up your game is the second key.

Learn to fold and to it mix up, and you will shine at the poker table.

Make Sure Its A Good Casino

I have competed in a lot of sportsbook casinos about the globe which make you really feel awful: the staff are bored stiff and rude or obnoxious, the managers stingy and unhelpful, that you are expected to pay, mean-looking cocktail staff even for soft drinks, and then tip them. If this occurs, instantly ask for the boss, explain that you have by no means ever paid for a drink in a casino in your life and you are certain there has been a mistake.

If you don’t get the reply you would like, just smile, and get up and leave. Should you ever find yourself in a location like this, leave. Please just do it. There’s most likely yet another casino nearby where the staff will look after you much better.
You might be doing them a favour risking your dollars in their casino. You’ve every right to anticipate to be treated nicely; if you are a medium, or high-roller, anticipate to be treated like a king, or queen. That is the deal here: they provide you with an excellent time and you risk your cash. If they cannot offer you the basics, then get out.

As soon as you go into a casino – or a casino city, like Las Vegas – knowing that they are competing after each and every final cent and imagining them dipping their greedy fingers into your wallet and pulling out your hard-earned money with an evil look on their faces, then the battle between you and the casino becomes enjoyable. You know the deal – they’re the devil and you are with the angels. Your aim would be to beat them at their own game, appreciate all the perks, and leave a winner.

There’s a myth about casinos that should be dispelled. Many individuals believe that casinos hate winners. They do not. Unless you’re cheating (and casinos have some really weird interpretations of that word), casinos are just fine about you winning. Firstly, they really feel that it’s very good for other players to see some winners about – it makes them think that everyone can do it. Secondly, because you won, the casino expects you to return to their casino floor once more soon, when they hope the expected odds will come to bear and you will lose your profits back to them – and then some, more – and, finally, they hope you will boost the size of the bets and for that reason risk losing far more in the future.

The reality is that all well-run casinos have a statistical expectation of what they are going to win from you over time. Your job is to lessen that expectation either to close to zero, or even to swing it in your favour, and to cease betting once you are ahead to ensure that it is possible to cash out with your winnings and leave. Should you be ready to do this – to stop whenever you, are winning, or no less than lock away portion of one’s earnings – then you may thwart the casino at the game they play so strongly. With a detailed examination of the right method for each game, plus a winning mind-set, you’ll leave with profits and those profits can build to a significant sum.